Small Pharmacies: How Do You Protect Your Medications From Burglary?


If you're a small pharmaceutical company that dispenses narcotics and other highly valuable medications, you may worry about the safety of your medications once you close up for the day. A number of pharmacies face break-ins and burglaries in the United States. Thieves use sledgehammers, axes and many other objects to breach the glass doors and windows of locked buildings during the night or early mornings. While cameras catch many of the crimes on tape, it may take some time to locate and apprehend the culprits behind the burglaries. There are things you might do to delay the breaching of your building and safes, including these below.

Install Protective Door and Window Glass and Frames in Your Building

One of the first and most important steps you can take to protect your pharmaceuticals is to install protective glass in your doors and windows. Your glass should be thick, strong and shatterproof enough to withstand not only the destructive forces of bad weather, but burglaries as well. According to, polycarbonate glass and laminated glass are two of the strongest materials used for window safety today. You may want to use one or both types of glass for your pharmacy's entrances.

The source above also states that polycarbonate is up to 250 times stronger than traditional acrylic window glass. Laminated glass is also good for your pharmacy because burglars can't break it easily, even after repeated strikes. In many cases, the noise produced by the strikes may alert nearby businesses and/or any security guards on duty in your complex.

It's important to know that polycarbonate and laminated glass works well for doors and windows. However, you may want to install new door and window frames along with your glass for added protection. The frames should be made of some type of solid wood or metal that doesn't bend, break or fracture easily under pressure. A commercial locksmith can help you select the best window glass and frames for your pharmacy if you need help.

Use Breach-Proof Safes

The next important thing you can do is replace your current medication safes with breach-proof safes. Breach-proof safes may feature time-delayed locks, or they may come with automated keypads that require a unique code to open. Some safes are made with thick metal housings that can't break down easily from physical stress, such as constant hammering or axing. 

You can use several smaller safes or one large safe for your medications. If you choose to use safes with glass doors, be sure to use products with laminated or polycarbonate for safety. A locksmith may have a list of products you can go over when they visit your store. 

For more details about protecting your pharmacy and drugs, contact a commercial locksmith.


4 August 2016

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