Updated Choices For Residential Deadbolt Door Locks


Deadbolt door locks are a popular security feature for many residential properties. These locks often offer a two-step security measure to keep intruders out of the home. For many years, the choices of deadbolt locks were limited to the function of the deadbolt. With the increasing popularity of security upgrades and features, deadbolts have seen an upgrade. If you are considering upgrading your deadbolt, here are several choices to consider for your residential deadbolt door lock installation. 

Two-Step Keypad Deadbolt

A popular upgrade to the traditional two-step key lock deadbolt is a keypad locking system. This locking system requires your deadbolt key as well as a code. You will enter the code on the keypad and unlock the door. This two-step verification system gives you the added level of protection that a simple key lock does not. A key lock can be picked and the door opened. With a two-step keypad, you must know the code in order for the lock to be released. There are several options available with this type of deadbolt system, so be sure to discuss them with your locksmith.

Smart Connected Deadbolt

Smart-connected deadbolt locking systems have a variety of options. One of the most common is to connect the lock to your phone or tablet. This allows you to open the door from your car as you drive up or are within range of the deadbolt system. Another option includes connecting a security camera to the lock to alert you when someone is trying to break in or damage the lock. It can also alert the local police department as a safety precaution. These types of locks are convenient and offer a level of security other deadbolts may not offer. 

Two-Step Biometric Deadbolt

A biometric deadbolt system takes the idea of smart technology and a two-step system and upgrades them both. The biometric deadbolt uses both a key to unlock the deadbolt and a fingerprint scan. You can have the fingerprints of each of your household members put into the locking system memory. This means anyone with a key in the system can open the door. This is a harder system to pick and offers a more secure upgrade than a simple two-key locking system. 

When you are ready to have a residential deadbolt door lock installation scheduled, contact a local locksmith, such as Mr. Lock. They will discuss the options with you and schedule a time for installation. If you choose a smart lock set-up, they will also discuss how to use the deadbolt and other key information you need to know. 


28 March 2023

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