Three Things To Do Once Your Home Has Been Broken Into


If your house has recently been broken into, then you're probably panicked and more than a bit angry. However, you have to stay clear minded and be pragmatic about what you can accomplish. There is nothing that you can do about the fact that your home was broken into, but you can take steps to try and prevent it from happening again. Here's a list of what to do.

Contact The Police

Even if it looks like nothing was stolen of serious value, and you suspect it might have just been some teenagers looking for an empty house to use to party in, you need to contact the police. There might have been a rash of similar break ins in the neighborhood, and if that is the case, then any evidence that the police can collect will be helpful. Even if you don't have missing property that you would like recovered, you should bring the police in. If you do happen to have missing goods, then it is important to contact the police. They can alert local pawn shops in the area as to what items to be on the watch for. This could result in both recovering your property and also an arrest in the case.

Get The Locks Changed Immediately

You need to have all of the locks changed in your home. Even if the intruders went through glass, it's prudent to switch out the locks. You should take the time and replace the old locks with newer, more secure dead blots. Bring in the locksmith and have them do a walk around of the entire house and have them make recommendations as to what sort of defense techniques you might employ. For instance, you might want to have heavy looking hardware on your main entry points (front and back door) so that criminals will know that the door not have a weak lock that can easily be kicked in.

If you have a glass door, then you might have the locksmith install a double cylinder deadbolt. These are great because they need to be unlocked using a key from the inside as well (they are sometimes called "no thumb") so a burglar can't simply smash the glass and open the dead bolt. For more information, contact companies like Country Side Locksmith.

Install A Whole House Alarm System

Finally, you might want to have a whole house alarm installed. These are perfect because, should someone try and break in through a window, a security company will be contacted and can alert the local police. Also, savvy burglars will steer clear of homes that have electronic alarms installed and move on to a home that does not have any sort of alarm system.


10 May 2017

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