Changes To Make At Your New Home For Extra Security


When you move into a new home you want to take a look at it from a criminal's perspective and do all you can to make it look unappealing and even threatening to them. Anything you can do to steer them away from deciding to break into your house will be worth following through with. This article is full of great ideas you may want to consider when you are trying to increase the security around your home:

Consider rescuing a full-grown large breed dog

While small dogs can wake you up if there is an intruder by barking, large dogs give you the added benefits of scaring an intruder off or even attacking them if they come too far in the house. By rescuing a full grown dog you are giving a dog that needs a home a home and you are getting a dog that is ready to begin protecting your family immediately.

Make an agreement with your closest neighbors

Get to know one or more of your closest neighbors. Once you feel you can trust them you should trade numbers, let them know your schedule, and let them know who all is okay to be coming in your home when you aren't there. They can give you this same information regarding their home and you can watch each other's houses for one another.

Have deadbolts put on your doors

A locksmith should come out to install deadbolt locks on any doors in your home that don't already have them and that go directly to the outside. You also want to make sure outbuildings have secure locks on them because the fact that they are situated further from the house makes them easy targets.

Have a security system put in

A security system will usually scare criminals off as soon as they spot signs of their being one. If they decide to ignore the alarm then you will be woken up and the police will be on their way. Cameras will even record it all so they can be properly identified and prosecuted.


No matter how much you put into protecting your home, you should always be thinking of more ways you can protect your family and your belongings. Never leave tempting items where they can be easily spotted. Always lock the doors and windows, even when you are inside of the house. Never allow your home to look as if no one is home.

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25 May 2017

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