Why You May Want To Have A Locksmith Install A Keypad Lock On Your Door


If you want to make sure you have both a secure and a convenient door lock on your door, then you should think of going with a keypad lock. A locksmith can visit your home and make the change for you. Before you decide, you'll want to learn of the reasons why this switch may be right for your home and you can learn some reasons here:

Convenience is a big benefit of these types of locks: Have you ever walked up to your front door carrying bags full of groceries only to find that you thoughtlessly put your keys in your pocket? This leaves you needing to put the bags down to dig out the keys to the house. When you have a keypad lock on your door, all you have to do is stick out one of your fingers and simply punch in the code in order to unlock your door.

Security is a great reason for going with a keypad lock: When you have a regular door lock on your door you can be making it easier for a criminal to get in your house. Some criminals are expert lock pickers and can have themselves inside your home in a couple minutes, or less. Not only that, but when you use a key, you have to worry about the possibility of someone having a copy. There are a lot of sneaky ways that a person can get a copy of your house keys. In fact, someone in public can even take a picture of your keys while they are sitting on a counter and use a 3D printer to make a copy, then follow you home to see where you live. With a keypad lock, you won't have to worry about any of these issues.

Everyone in the house can always get in when they need to: How many times has someone in your household forgot or lost their keys and had to wait for someone else to get home before they could get in the house? Even if you have been lucky up to this point, this is always a risk when you use keys. With a keypad lock, everyone in the house will know the code. Even if someone forgets it, all they have to do is call another household member to be reminded of it.

What to do once you decide to go keyless: Once you decide to make that jump to going with a keypad lock you can have a locksmith company like Mattice Lock & Safe come out and install one for you.


1 August 2017

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