Tips for Maintaining Landlord Property Access with New Locks


If you have recently purchased rental properties, security needs to be paramount on your list of things to address. When it comes to keeping your rental properties secure, you should work with a skilled locksmith. He or she can evaluate your properties and recommend the best types of locks for your needs. An understanding of why these locks are so important and what your options are may help you make an informed choice. Here's a look at what you need to know.

Why Are Specialty Door Locks Important to Landlords?

In addition to the benefits that every property owner enjoys, including security and general access control, specialty door locks are important for landlords for other reasons. Whether you've rented to someone who gave you back more keys than you gave them or you're just worried about being able to gain access to the property when you need it, you have to prioritize your door locks.

Specialty locks make it easier for you to control access to the property. You can revoke access by re-keying the locks or changing the codes at any time. The right choices also allow you to enjoy a much longer period of time with durable locks instead of having to replace them every few years.

What Are Your Options?

In order to secure your property in a way that works best for you, you need to understand your options. There are a few key types of locks that you will want to focus on.

Quick-Change Locks: Quick-change locks are ones that can be easily re-keyed by yourself. This is ideal if you will have tenants moving in and out on a regular basis because it means you don't have to call a locksmith every time. All you need is one of the functional keys, plus a new key and the re-keying tool that comes with the lock. You put the existing key in the lock along with the learning tool. Then, you insert the new key and the lock is reprogrammed to the new key.

Digital Keypads: Digital locks with keypads are even better for properties that see frequent tenant changes. These keypads are easy to reprogram with a new key code any time a tenant moves out or the key code itself is compromised. In addition, they can be programmed with multiple codes per lock. That means you can keep a master code for your own access while changing your tenant access code whenever needed. These lock systems are great for ensuring landlord access no matter what the situation may be.

Linked Lock Systems: Linked lock systems, also called rental property locks, are another great option for landlords. These lock systems have an easily changed key tumbler. It allows you to change out the property's tenant key with ease. Even better, every lock you order as a part of this set is keyed to a single master key as well. That means you'll have only one key needed for your own personal access to all of your rental properties. Just purchase enough backup tumblers that you can change them when needed, even rotating tumblers from property to property when necessary.

It is important that landlords have access to their properties at all times while keeping those properties secure from unwanted access. Understanding the lock options and working with a skilled locksmith are the two best ways to do this. Talk to your local locksmith today for more information and to choose the locks that are the best solution for your properties. He or she can not only help you select them but install and maintain them for you as well.


26 November 2018

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