Three Ways A Locksmith Can Help You Out Of A Jam


As technology has advanced, so has the professional services of your local locksmith. Locksmiths are often dealing with new technologies that make homes and cars more secure through smart technology. They also have to be up-to-date on traditional lock issues that may arise, which may include something as simple as removing a broken key from a deadbolt lock. Locksmiths are great and getting people out of a jam, especially with lock issues that may be more complex. There are three situations a locksmith can help that you may not have considered.

Opening a Locked Car Door Without Damage

People often overlook calling a locksmith for car door issues; however, they are your best bet for getting your door open unharmed. Tow truck companies often have equipment that requires a door to be unlocked through the window. This can crack the door frame, damage a window, and cause damage to the door seal of the vehicle. A locksmith can actually generate a key for your vehicle onsite, which would allow you to open the door without any damage. This includes keys that are electronic in nature. Locksmiths have the tools and technology to program a key for your specific make and model of vehicle. It is more expensive to have a key made, especially an electronic key, but most locksmiths charge less than a car dealership would to give you a spare key.

Opening a Locked Safe

Locksmiths are able to help people who have a locked safe they cannot get into. If you have forgotten a combination or just had your safe's lock get jammed, a locksmith can help with either scenario. Most safe's have overrides built into them to allow a locksmith to access the safe if necessary. This includes safes that may have both a combination and key requirement to open. It's true, some more advanced safes may cause a locksmith to have access to advanced tools to open the door, but most of them have been trained to deal with and crack the toughest safes available.

Opening Doors Locked by Smart Technology

One of the challenges of smart homes is that the technology can malfunction. People can get locked out of their homes or out of specific rooms in their homes due to a malfunction in smart home locking technology. Locksmiths are now trained in the various software programs used in smart homes; in fact, many locksmiths are involved in installing the software and equipment that makes automatic locking and locking doors remotely possible. If you have a locking malfunction due to technology, a locksmith can help reset the software and fix the glitch causing the issue. In many cases, it may be a software update that hasn't been updated that is causing the issue. Having a locksmith regularly check and update your smart home locking system is a good thing to do.

Not being able to access your vehicle, your safe, or your home can cause you a lot of grief. Most locksmiths, like those at Stephen K Migoley and other locations, can help you out of these difficult lock issues quickly. They have the tools to be able to work on a problem onsite, and most locksmith companies have someone who can come the same day a request is made.


27 May 2020

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