Was Your Business Door Kicked In And Damaged? Find A Commercial Door Repair Professional And Consider These Things


 If the commercial building you own was burglarized and someone kicked in the door, you need to find a commercial door repair company that can do the repairs and improve your security. There are changes that need to be made to make sure that it is not easy to get in the door again, and to protect your business.

Get quotes from a professional commercial door company to get the door repaired fast, to find out what reliable doors you can invest in. Here are characteristics you need to have in your door.

Evaluate the Damages

If the door can be repaired by fixing the frame and repairing glass or other materials, it may be worth investing in repairing the door. The door jamb may need to be replaced for the door to fit and open and close properly. A new locking system should be able to be installed on the door. If the door and door jamb are badly damaged, other options should be considered.  

Consider an Impact Resistant Door

You need a door that is impact resistant. This means with metal that is thick and reinforced with kick plates to prevent someone from pushing the door in. If you need glass on the door than you want glass that is shatterproof and impact resistant as well.

Industrial Locking System

The commercial door locking system can also be important when preventing people from getting in, not just to lock but to stop the door from getting pushed in. Look for a steel dead bolt that can be controlled automatically.

An automatic locking system during the door repairs will improve your security and allow you to require approval for all of those that enter if you're interested.

Electrical System

There are other components that you may want to put in place after the commercial door is installed. This would include things like a camera so you can monitor who is coming in and going out of the building throughout the day.

An intercom system or speaker system that allows people to talk from inside the office to someone who is trying to get in, is a great way to keep out solicitors. This can be installed outside of the door with a two-way system.

Do not wait or hesitate to get the door repaired and to invest in a high-quality door with a great locking feature so your business is safe. You want everyone to feel safe when they return to working in the building, and you want to protect your business.

If you have other entrances that need to be protected or that are vulnerable you should consider having all the commercial doors in your building replaced. This way you know that there aren't any other areas that are at risk around your commercial property, and that all the doors are ready to protect and be durable and reliable.

For more information on commercial door repair services, talk to a professional like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key.


15 September 2020

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