Considering All The People Who Might Still Have Keys To A Recently Sold Home


When a house is sold, the keys are typically provided to the new owners during the closing. New owners frequently assume they now have all the home's keys, so they see no point in having the locks changed. Yet there's really no way to know whether other individuals still have access. It's a common practice to give these security devices to a relative, a best friend, a neighbor, and perhaps even more people. Hiring a locksmith to change the locks is advisable.

Relatives and Friends

Family members and close friends are obvious choices to provide with keys. For instance, adult children who have moved to another city might still spend some weekends back home. Their parents might not always be there when these individuals arrive. With their own device, they can come in and relax. 

Trusted Neighbors

Many homeowners leave a key with a trusted neighbor. They may need someone to feed the cat when going away for weekends or on vacation. During an extended trip, the neighbor can water plants and make sure no problems have developed with the appliances and other home features. When the new owners move in, they might not only want the locks changed, they could want improved equipment for better security.


Babysitters sometimes are given a key if they watch the children frequently. Perhaps they occasionally take the kids to a park or a municipal swimming pool and need to lock the house. Some babysitters spend all day with the youngsters during the week over the summer because the parents work full-time. These workers are like part of the family.

Other Situations

A former romantic partner of someone in the household could still have access. Because the breakup was amicable, nobody was concerned about this.

Sometimes homeowners temporarily rent a room to a person they know and trust. They might allow an older teenager to move in for a while if that person's family situation has become rocky. A teenage foster child who has lived with the family for years might be given a key. Locksmiths can change all the home's locks for an affordable price.

Concluding Thoughts

Even when the previous owners assure the new residents that all keys have been rounded up and handed over, that may not be the case. They could have forgotten about a person who was given one many years before. They may have simply been too busy with the hectic moving process to retrieve every key. That's why hiring a locksmith to change the locks is recommended.

Contact a local locksmith to learn more about rekeying your home.


23 March 2021

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