What Factors Should You Should Consider When Purchasing Door Closers?


Door closers are commonly used in commercial and industrial spaces. They are placed at the top of a door to pull a door shut steadily after someone has opened the door. This helps to prevent doors from slamming shut or remaining open. Not every door closer is the same, and as such, it is important to learn about some of the key differences among the various door closers on the market. This can help you to select the closer that is ideal for your space. Here are a few of the key factors that you should pay close attention to as you are shopping for door closers. 

The Type of Door Closer 

When it comes to door closers, there are three primary types of overhead door closers that can be mounted on doors: a regular arm, a parallel arm, and a top jamb mount. Each type of mount requires a different amount of space and affects how the door closer operates. You may need to measure the amount of clearance you have between the door and the ceiling to determine which type of door closer will fit in your space. 

The Material the Door Closer Is Made From

Lastly, you will want to pay attention to what material the door closer is made from. Door closers are made from metal materials. Typically, they are made from either aluminum or steel. Additionally, the door closers may be powder-coated or treated. If you live in a humid environment or your commercial space has chemicals or moisture in the air, you need to pay close attention to what material the door closer is made from and if the metal is treated. Different metals may rust or corrode. You want to select a metal or a treated metal, that can withstand the environmental and building conditions that the door closer will be placed in. 

Door closers help to keep a workspace safe and quiet. Ensuring a door closes behind an employee after they exit an office can help keep unwanted people out. Ensuring a door closes quietly can help prevent doors from slamming, preventing interruptions in your work building. If you are in the market for a door closer, pay close attention to the type of door closer you may be buying and the material the door closer is made from. Each of these factors will help you select a door closer that is perfect for your office or industrial space. 

Contact a local door closer company, such as Door Resources, to learn more. 


4 August 2022

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